Pre-War vs. Post-War Apartments

Pre-war and Post-war Apartments in NYC
Once you have decided what type of Manhattan apartment you would like to buy and the location, the next step is figuring out the style – pre-ware or post-war.  New York City real estate language really breaks down to these three building types:

Pre-War Apartment Building
The “war” in pre-war references the time before World War II. These are one of the greatest prizes in Manhattan real estate because of the limited supply and near-unlimited demand.  In the past couple of years however, “new” pre-war apartments for sale have entered the market. Pre-war condo conversions such as  737 Park (where our founder Jennifer Marie Taylor sold) and Barbizon 63 (formerly a luxury hotel on the Upper East Side), along with The Apthorp (previously a rental building), have become blockbuster hits on the condo market. These buildings are among the few pre-war apartments for sale not in a restrictive co-op.  The only downfall to a pre-war is that not all have have fancy amenities due to the FDR years when developers or architects didn’t think to set aside space for swimming pools or fitness centers.

Post-War Apartment Building
Post-war buildings house residences built between the late 1940s and mid-’70s. Most post-war apartments have been considerably spruced up since then. Since this period of time was a slow one for condo construction, fewer post-war buildings exist than one might expect.  Unfortunately, the apartments for sale in post-war apartment buildings lack the contemporary look of new construction apartment listings, but they are best known for their size and flexibility (and are less costly than pre-war apartments).

New Construction
“Star-architects” have been redefining the Manhattan skyline since the late 1990’s with the newly constructed developments that house elaborate amenities with pools, fitness centers, yoga studios, saunas, steam rooms and many other fancy offerings.  Most have high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows (usually energy efficient), and chef’s kitchen with luxurious bathrooms and kitchens.